• Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing

    Delta® Faucet Company offers a variety of Continuing Education courses, covering a wide range of topics. Each CEU courses fosters continuing education by presenting trade professionals with interesting, relevant and practical information.
  • Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens for Residential Cooking

    Provides an overview of wood-fired pizza ovens for residential use, with a discussion on how wood-fired cooking works, considerations for the most effective and efficient oven to meet individual needs, and a focus on the differences and similarities of both traditional masonry and stainless steel ovens.
  • Roofing & Wall Systems

    Learn about commercial building envelope performance solutions, including green roofs, EPDM roofing systems, modified bitumen membranes, roofing insulation and cover boards, and metal wall panel systems, in these courses from Firestone.
  • The Advantages of Continuous Insulation in Steel Stud Construction

    Provides an overview of building practices that promote better building envelope design, the codes and standards that apply to energy efficiency, and the environmental advantages of using POLYISO continuous insulation in steel stud construction.
  • Coatings for Steel Railing & Fence Systems

    Provides an overview of the different coating technologies available for steel railing and fence systems and how the coating process makes a difference to the life of a project.
  • Selecting Access Panels

    Provides an overview of access panels for walls, ceilings, and floors, with a focus on the functions, types, and options available.
  • Paint 201: Practical Solutions and Problem-Solving Techniques

    Provides an overview of the classification of paints, advantages and disadvantages of latex versus alkyd coatings, surface preparation and priming techniques, and causes and solutions for common paint problems.
  • Understanding Special Purpose Doors & Windows

    This online course provides an overview of special purpose doors and windows, including acoustical, blast and pressure, bullet-resistant, radio frequency shielding, and special finishes.
  • Electrical Device Safety

    Provides an overview of electrical devices and the safety issues associated with them. The course includes discussions on the features of duplex receptacles, hospital grade receptacles, GFCIs and other electrical devices and also discusses updated UL requirements and NEC codes.
  • Hand Dryer Technology

    Learn about air knife hand dryers and their low environmental impact, how they meet ADA requirements and Universal Design principles, as well as how they affect public health, occupant comfort, and facility operations in these two courses from Dyson.
  • Grease Interceptors: Solutions for the Operational Management of FOG

    Provides an overview of the adverse effects fats, oil, and grease (FOG) have on the sanitary sewer system, the principles of operation of grease interceptors, and the industry requirements for an effective grease management system in commercial food service applications.
  • Walkable PVC Roof Deck Membranes

    Provides an overview of walkable roof deck membranes and includes discussions on: system characteristics, components, and installation; moisture management: deflection and drainage; design considerations; and how to specify roof deck membrane systems.
  • Daylighting Using Skylights and Curtainwall Systems

    Provides an overview of achieving daylighting in building design using skylights and curtainwall. This program includes discussions on the basics of daylighting, glazing options, daylighting methods, creative design, and green benefits of daylighting systems.
  • Under-Slab Vapor Retarders/Barriers: Restricting Moisture Infiltration

    Provides an overview of the causes and consequences of moisture problems beneath concrete slabs in flooring applications, as well as a discussion on the types and characteristics of under-slab vapor retarders/barriers.
  • Introduction to Radiant Heat

    Provides an overview of radiant heat, with discussions on the evolution, physics, types, benefits, and appropriate applications of radiant heat systems and technology.
  • Sustainable Waterproofing Solutions

    Provides an overview of the sustainable benefits of integral concrete waterproofing and analyzes traditional waterproofing methods as compared to integral methods in terms of durability, risk, cost, and construction timeline.
  • Commercial Rolling Service Doors

    Provides an overview of the rolling commercial service door, fire door and rolling grilles and shutters covering the operation, parts, fire code requirements and wind load information.

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TIME Magazine's 25 Inventions of the Year: Architects

TIME Magazine's 25 Inventions of the Year: ArchitectsTIME Magazines annual list of Inventions of the Year...These 6 made the list; and what's better-> they're by & for Architects.