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...This site is amazing! Sometimes it's very hard to keep up with continuing education and your site allows busy contractors a resource to take them at home, at their own pace and online. Truly your site will help keep my company and employees confident and educated enough to stay ahead of the game."

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Each year, AEC Daily provides hundreds of thousands of credits to construction professionals. We have more USGBC/GBCI approved courses than our competitors. We get millions of page views every month. Our users spend twice as much time on our site and view double the number of pages than the industry average. We have registered learners in each of the 150 biggest architectural firms in the United States.

In 2011, courses taken on AEC Daily's website grew by 41% with 77% of learners coming from the United States and 13% from Canada. While architects represent the majority of credits earned on AEC Daily, other design professions are growing quickly. Engineers took 93% more courses and the number of registered interior designers grew by 71% in 2011.

...I just wanted to thank all of you for your help and assistance with getting the Conserval – SolarWall course registered with AIA and USGBC on such a tight timeframe. The presentation in the US on Tuesday went very well and I know CMHC was very pleased with the outcome as well, so many thanks for all your collective efforts!"

Solar Wall

But even though our reach within the industry is unusually broad, we don't sell you circulation, views or impressions. The only part that should matter to you is that we deliver measurable results. When a learner takes an AEC Daily course, they spend an average of an hour with the material. And since they selected your course from the hundreds in our catalogue, they must have a very specific interest in your topic. So when your sales people follow up, learners are pleased to get more information about your product.

Measurable Results

Not only do you know exactly how many people took your course, but you get their name, address, phone number, email and more. Because, while AEC Daily is the provider, you are the instructor. And you can be assured that the learner's contact information is accurate because they want the credit to be properly registered.

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For more than a decade, AEC Daily has been known for our exceptional commitment to high quality education. That is one of the reasons why we are the only company to have won the American Institute of Architects (AIA) AIA/CES Award for Excellence for Internet Platform Providers. AEC Daily has the respect of the industry, and credibility with learners.

...Thank you for all of your cooperation! AEC Daily has a very qualified team and did good work. Special thanks to Ariane for the professional course creation in such a short time."



For about the price of a single full-page ad in a print publication, your education will be available to all architects, engineers and other construction professionals for an entire year. Every month, you will get qualified leads for your sales people to focus on.

How much time does anyone spend looking at your ad? Of the circulation claimed by a magazine, how many people notice your ad? If they do, do you think they spend ten seconds looking at it? Thirty seconds? One minute?