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Continuing education is either legally mandated, or a requirement of almost all design professionals. Architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors and other design professionals must take continuing education to maintain their license or certification.

Architects are required to do continuing education in almost every state and province in North America. Those requirements start at a minimum of 8 hours of continuing education per year, and goes as high as 50 hours per year. AIA members are required to complete 18 hours per year. Any architect with a LEED certification has a further requirement of up to 56 hours biennially.

The mandatory nature of continuing education has given building product manufacturers a unique opportunity to educate the professional regarding their products, while at the same time creating a very effective lead generation channel.

In our surveys, 84% of the design professionals indicated that they would be specifying the product after taking a course.

Education is also of great value to the design professional because it helps solve design problems and positions the manufacturer as the authority that can help them.

...The course looks absolutely great! Thank you for all the work you have put into making this online CEU a reality!"


Distance Learning (asynchronous)

This format has many advantages. The courses are extremely convenient for the learner because they are available 24/7 and can be downloaded and taken anytime.These courses are convenient for you because AEC Daily is the provider and handles all of the delivery, testing and reporting.

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Live Learning (synchronous)

Providing an educational course in an architect’s office (often called a Lunch & Learn) or at an industry event is a very old and traditional marketing tool. And while it is not as cost effective as Distance Learning, it does provide a powerful contact point in large gatherings. Unlike Distance Learning, you are the registered provider and AEC Daily will help you through the registration process.


Our Learning Management System allows you to create course groupings to meet a variety of purposes. We call them Course Collections and you can use them to create a multi-course certification, provide a reward for taking a complete set.At times, AEC Daily groups courses from multiple providers in order to create a "system" to better serve the learners.


AEC Daily provides the best place to promote all of your education. Over the last decade, we have become the ultimate education resource for construction professionals. Our independent credit/transcript tracking system is a resource that is central to our learners’ education activities. Every month, hundreds of thousands of people connect with AEC Daily through our website, newsletter, third party RSS feeds, and more!

We can also assist you in promoting your course to your existing customer base and incorporate it into your marketing program. Most importantly, education on AEC Daily is integrated into a Showcase Page in our Building Product Directory which cross-references your education with company information, product data, CAD details, specifications, BIM models, brochures, videos, white papers, and more…

84% of architects we surveyed said they changed their specifying habits after taking an AEC Daily course.

Reporting and Analytics

AEC Daily provides a comprehensive and flexible reporting tool that is available 24/7. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly analyze the learners who are taking your courses using a multitude of variables. The complete data set can then be exported for further analysis or to be integrated into your own reporting systems.

...We're very excited to get this program in gear and start engaging more architects and designers. I can't tell you how happy we are with the course and the GREAT job you and your team at AEC Daily performed for us."

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Not only do we educate construction professionals, but at the end of each course we survey them. Our participation rate exceeds all research benchmarks giving you a powerful tool to gather market intelligence and further qualify your leads. Your survey can be completely customized to match your needs. AEC Daily has been providing the highest quality architectural leads in the industry for over a decade.