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New Urbanism: LEED® Application for Community Location, Linkage and Density

Amy Stalbosky, AIA, LEED AP BD&C, Homes

Description: This LEED® Specific course looks at concepts of New Urbanism in its applicability to the LEED rating system. This course will compare, contrast, and provide design elements that fall within the standards of New Urbanism but meet the standards set forth by the LEED rating system. LEED for New Construction and LEED for Neighborhood Design are addressed throughout the course. Key concepts include community connectivity, density issues, streetscapes and project site and surrounding factors. Ways to earn the LEED credits are also addressed.

Sponsor: Amy Stalbosky, AIA, LEED AP BD&C, Homes

Presented by: Amy Stalbosky, AIA, LEED AP BD&C, Homes, Amy Stalbosky

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