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Retractable Screens: Invisible Thresholds to Sustainable Design

More than ever before, homeowners are interested in creating the type of outdoor living space that will enhance their enjoyment—and the energy efficiency—of their homes. This course discusses how retractable screens offer sustainable design solutions for homeowners, architects, and builders. Subjects including screen components, insect and UV protection, and how retractable screens contribute to a home’s increased energy efficiency are discussed, and various case studies focusing on sustainability are examined.

Sponsored By: Phantom Screens

Presented by: Paul Ackah-Sanzah, Jeret Unger, Jason Sajkowicz, Joe Mareci, and Bill Schlueter, Phantom Mfg. Int’l Ltd.

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HSW Eligibility: Yes

This course contains Sustainable Design (SD) information. View SD Information

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