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UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice: September 2018 Changes

This course provides a summary of the changes to the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice (UAE Fire Code) that came into effect in September 2018. The course is specifically tailored for architects, engineers, and interior designers. The 2018 edition of the UAE Fire Code introduces changes to: building construction (such as spandrel requirements, fire testing of curtain wall systems, façades, and cladding, and third-party inspections); fire service vehicles and personnel accessibility (including emergency vehicle access); means of egress, fire detection and alarm systems, fire protection systems (such as fire hydrants, fire pump flow rate and water tank capacity, and balcony sprinklers); smoke control and smoke management systems; and drawing submission requirements. The primary intent of the changes was to address the technical discrepancies and adapt with the life safety challenges in today's buildings.

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