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Buildings and Homes in Flood Hazard Areas: Connections at or Below Design Flood Elevations

Sponsored By: Simpson Strong-Tie Co., Inc.

Description: Flooding is an increasingly frequent and costly danger, and flood-prone areas are expanding in the US as storms worsen, floodplains expand, and sea levels rise. As a result, many homes and buildings that were poorly built were built without flood-resistant construction, or were inappropriately detailed have been swept away, demolished, or significantly damaged. This course begins with an overview of flood requirements and then explores the concepts and details of flood-resistant construction, provides detailed advice on how anchors, fasteners, and connectors can be used to create flood-resistant buildings, and records the relevant terminology, codes, and standards that should be used when consulting experts and authorities and designing flood-resistant buildings.

Presented by: Jim Mailey, Simpson Strong-Tie Co., Inc.

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