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Designing with Cold Storage Insulated Metal Panels

Sponsor: Metl-Span

Description: Understanding how insulated metal panels (IMPs) are used for cold storage facilities is critical to creating energy efficient and sustainable facilities. We start with basic definitions of cold storage, controlled environments and controlled atmospheres, then review the building science behind how IMPs provide all necessary environmental control layers (air, vapor, water and thermal). From there we explore control layer continuity which is critical to prevent unwanted condensation, ice formation and heat gain in coolers and freezers. Creating suspended ceilings using IMPs requires a complete understanding of the differences between non-accessible, light/limited duty and walkable ceilings. We will review important engineering, safety and ventilation requirements for these systems. We then study the various IMP substrates and paint finishes along with their performance characteristics – essential when designing food processing areas. We conclude the program with a review of the proper draw down process when commissioning a cold storage facility.

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Duration: 1.00 hour(s)

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