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The Advantages of Continuous Insulation in Steel Stud Construction

Sponsor: Rmax – A Business Unit of the Sika Corporation

Description: We will discuss how Polyiso Continuous Insulation will improve the thermal performance of walls of Steel Stud Construction. In addressing the advantages of continuous insulation – we will also address the disadvantages of using steel studs without continuous insulation. We will discuss what Sustainability d how it is measured, including – factors that are involved in addressing Building Longevity – how these concepts impact making buildings more energy efficient. We will look at various types of products that can be used to achieve designs with a perspective that address sustainable construction. Looking towards the future we will discuss the actions being undertaken in conjunction with energy conservation and construction codes, building science organizations and other groups in pushing building envelope design. We will also look at the history of Polyiso and how this product is produced from raw chemicals, creating a completed board stock product.

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Duration: 1.00 hour(s)

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