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Unlocking the Puzzle of Building Envelope Continuity

Approximately 1 hour

Today’s buildings continue to push the envelope of architectural design, energy efficiency, construction timelines and cost reductions forcing building materials and application techniques to evolve. The evolution of products and applications to waterproof the entire building envelope (vertical and horizontal) throughout various construction materials has created a blend between established and newly developed waterproofing technologies. These blended technologies have the single purpose of integrating and creating a continuous system protecting the building from moisture and performing harmoniously. This presentation helps identify the challenges and opportunities to build an integrated waterproofing system addressing all six sides of the building envelope. While each type of installation will be reviewed separately, the platform will be set for successful integration at all of the transitions and changes within the building by the proper identification and specification of compatible products and materials.

Presented by various experts on behalf of SOPREMA, Inc..

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