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Noise Control Utilizing Volume Resonators

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Description: Rooms constructed with hard flat surfaces are prone to encounter problematic noise. Even at low levels, noise annoyances will affect the acuity of wanted sound such as music or speech and cause confusion and anxiety. Environments maintaining prolonged mid-power or even brief durations of high-power noise levels may lead to human health and well being issues. This presentation will explore the historic development and use of cavity resonators as an acoustically-responsive design solution to control adverse noise propagated within hard surfaced enclosures. It will examine acoustical masonry as a structural wall system that can be utilized to effectively suppress problem noises and improve the acoustical atmosphere for safe, affable, human occupation. HSW Justification: This course presents historical and current building designs of interior space for noise control utilizing volume resonators in order to achieve suitable environments for human occupancy and superior audibility for social interaction. It stresses that providing a good acoustical environment is critical to good design and the well-being of occupants. It presents volume resonators as a structural building system that improves occupant comfort in hard-surfaced, highly reflective enclosures Learning Objective 1: By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to: • Recognize historical beginnings and development of volume resonators to improve sound within hard surface environs Learning Objective 2: • Identify how sound reacts within enclosed spaces and how it effects acoustical well-being. Learning Objective 3: • Compare the working dynamics of concrete masonry cavity-volume resonators. Learning Objective 4: • Compare the working dynamics of concrete masonry cavity-volume resonators. Course Sessions There are no currently scheduled sessions. Course Status

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