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Creating Productive, Connected Outdoor Spaces with Access to Permanent Power

Approximately 1 hour

As the popularity of outdoor activities grows, so does the demand for outdoor spaces that include permanent access to power, data, communications, and audio visual (A/V) services. Educational campuses, commercial offices, amusement parks, sporting venues, retail environments that use outdoor mobile kiosks, and hospitality facilities have a need for safe, convenient, permanent power access outdoors. Property owners are responsible for integrating people, places, and processes, including the electrical needs for their own commercial venues. Increased outdoor space utilization means access to permanent power outdoors is becoming a vital building service, similar to lighting, life-safety systems, and ventilation, etc. Outdoor power products are designed to deliver permanent connections to outdoor spaces in a safe, non-disruptive way. The next section of this course takes a look at how their installation and use can transform spaces where people work, live, and play.

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