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Ventilated Façades: Designed for Beauty, Sustainability, and Performance

Approximately 1 hour

Beyond aesthetics, ventilated façades and cladding systems provide added wind absorption, moisture protection, and insulation properties, resulting in prolonged building durability and sustainability that contributes to LEED points. In addition, these systems provide significant energy savings to building operations and noise reduction to increase occupant comfort. Learn about the top features and benefits of façade systems and how to select individual components based on environmental conditions, panel materials, and other factors. Gain understanding about how the mechanical and adhesive systems vary and overview the easy installation processes. Learn how adhesives absorb cyclical expansion and contraction due to environmental changes such as wind, temperature, and humidity. Within an hour, you'll have a solid understanding about ventilated façades/cladding systems' aesthetics, sustainability, and how they are built to last even under extreme conditions.

Presented by various experts on behalf of BOSTIK, Inc..

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