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What Parking Structure Owners, Investors, and Operators Need to Know about the 2022 NYC Parking Inspection Mandate

Approximately 1 hour

Earlier this year, the NYC Department of Buildings enacted laws mandating structural inspections for all NYC parking garages to be completed within a prescribed six-year cycle. First time hearing about this? You’re not alone. During this presentation Tom Moyer and Steven Jeter, P.E. of StructureCare will review who is responsible for completing these inspections, how the inspection process works, the City’s phases, and how much time you have left to complete yours. As one of the very few qualified inspectors certified by the NYC Department of Buildings, Steven wants to help parking structure owners, investors, and operators best prepare for this process. Built from the foundation of the New York State parking inspection law, the NYC law is significantly more impactful with significantly higher consequences. In addition to reviewing the inspection law, Steven and Tom will review the process of how to ensure the garage owner stays in compliance beyond the initial inspection period. In wrapping up the presentation, audience members will be able to understand the difference between interim maintenance, service life replacements and reactionary repairs in a parking garage, to help avoid surprising and often costly reactive maintenance projects.

Presented by various experts on behalf of High Concrete Group.

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