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Composite Structures International

4115 Keller Springs Road, Suite 224
Dallas, TX 75244
Fax: 972-250-1633 -1530

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Composite Structures International, Inc. (CSI) designs and fabricates fiberglass reinforced thermoset grating and structural products (flooring, walkways, handrails, stairs, and structural members), and laminated structural plate (flooring and wall panels) for use in corrosive environments such as chemical plants, paper and pulp facilities, electronics companies, marine vessels such as U. S. Navy carriers, and heavy manufacturing sites. Fiberglass nuts and threaded rod systems, and pultruded structural shapes, such as I-beams, bars, angles, tubes, and flat sheets are also manufactured. Their structural products and grating are molded or pultruded using fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester, polyester, or epoxy resins. Expertise includes formulating specialty resins with improved strength and corrosion resistance, and a proprietary heating/cooling processing technology which minimizes cycle time and enhances product performance.