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  • There are numerous model codes written by both the ICC and NFPA relating to toilet room privacy partitions. This course provides information relative to selecting and specifying code-compliant toilet partitions for commercial restrooms, including material type, hardware, and mounting configurations. Fire and accessibility codes will be discussed, as well as guidelines for writing toilet compartment specifications.

  • Restroom facilities should provide easy access and use for all users, regardless of ability. It is becoming increasingly important to know the tools needed to properly plan an accessible restroom that will meet the requirements of the ADA and other standards. This course will explore how accessibility standards accommodate a wide range of users, including how to design lavatories, toilet compartments, bathing facilities, and their accessories to meet accessibility requirements.

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  • Authentic sustainability requires a long-term approach to reducing impact on the environment and minimizing operational costs for building owners. This course addresses how to use this approach in restroom design by specifying products that save money, time, and resources, including those that reduce waste and usage of consumables, energy, and water. Guidance is provided on how to communicate to clients the full, long-term value of products that are aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and easy to maintain so that the original design vision is more likely to endure.


    Course Level:Introductory

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