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Naples, FL 33942
Phone: 800-836-4137
Fax: 941-514-2750

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FOCUSEAL?, Inc. is committed to producing the highest grade and quality of sealant and adhesive products. Focuseal products have been well received in several U.S. markets such as: The General Construction Industry, Product Manufacturing, The Automotive and Truck Body Industry, Manufactured Housing, and Ship Building Industries, to name a few. Focuseal products are produced in the United States and in Europe. The product line is available through commercial distribution. Focuseal products have been formulated to save time and money partly due to their fast curing ability. Our polyurethanes, for example, are COATABLE WITHIN THREE (3) HOURS ! Focuseal products will always maintain a high level of quality and are able to compete price wise with other high quality products within the industry. All of us at Focuseal strive to provide the best customer service available in order to maintain our consistent rate of customer satisfaction. If you require any additional information, technical support, or the location of your closest Focuseal representative, please call us.