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Laval, QC H7L 4C3
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Thermoplast was founded in 1966. Thus, the company has celebrated its 35th aniversay in 2001 and will continue to proudly highlight this event with several festivities scheduled up to July 2002. Through all these years, Thermoplast has established prominent positioning in its intended markets and has become in Quebec as well as in America an imperative player in PVC profile extrusion for the window and door industry. Thermoplast?s success lies on two major expertises: First, the technical expertise: the knowledge of the raw materials and its rheology, the conception and the making of dies to shape the profile and the control of extrusion equipment and all related equipments. At Thermoplast, we extrude close to 800 different shapes of profiles. Secondly, nonetheless as important, the accomplished knowledge in the construction industry and more specifically, in the conception and the fabrication of PVC windows and doors. This expertise allows Thermoplast to become a true technical partner with its customers, as expressed in their slogan "Collaboration in Action".