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B E A Inc.

300 S Main St.
Pittsburg, PA 15215
Phone: 1-800-523-2462
Fax: 1(412)782-5154

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Since it?s foundation in 1965, B.E.A. has become the leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of sensors for automatic doors around the world. Our company has steadily grown by about 25% per year, and holds market shares of 60% in Europe and 80% in the United States. Our success has always been based on the vision and determination of our people around one common goal: ?To Exceed Customer Expectations?. This is done by providing excellent customer service, industry leading technical support and superior products. For those products, B.E.A.?s extended team of engineers skillfully exploits several technologies, including Doppler-effect radar for motion detection, active and passive infrared for safety detection, as well as lasers, video imaging and other leading edge technologies for automatic door operation. B.E.A. has also used its sensor technology expertise to expand into markets such as transportation, the elevator market and people counting. A global strategic vision of international markets has allowed us to set up organizations adapted to the different regions and cultures of the world. With locations in The United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia, B.E.A. is ready to serve you wherever you are.

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