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  • Custom window products include a range of products, from truly one-of-a-kind fabrications to customizable components. This course takes a detailed look at what design options are available to the architect in premium and luxury window products. Installation and performance issues pertaining to large window combinations are also discussed, as well as recommended solutions and mitigation strategies for structural and water infiltration challenges.

  • Creating a quieter, more comfortable building starts with a focus on windows and doors, the weakest links in the building envelope for sound transmission. This course covers the elements of sound, the metrics used to measure sound attenuation, and the glazing and installation options best suited for an effective sound control strategy.

  • Fenestration openings are a critical component of a building envelope, especially in present-day sustainable, energy-efficient buildings. Building envelopes play an important role in controlling the movement of heat, bulk water, and water vapor. Designing fenestration openings for buildings that use continuous exterior insulation has a significant role in reducing thermal bridging and thus conserving energy. This course reviews the impact of exterior insulation on fenestration installation design. The course also explores solutions for a wide variety of wall system variations.