Ebac Industrial Products, Inc.

704 Middle Ground Boulevard
Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 800.433.9011
Fax: 757.873.3632

Ebac Industrial Products is a member of the Ebac Ltd. Group, founded in 1972, with it's headquarters in Bishop Auckland, England. Ebac Industrial Products, started in 1978, is responsible for all business interests related to dehumidification in North and South America and is located in Newport News, Virginia. Annual revenues for the Ebac Ltd. Group exceeds $50 million USD and employs over 350 people worldwide. Besides the United States and England, Ebac has offices in Germany, France, Belgium, Greece, Singapore, Israel and Saudi Arabia. With over 27 product lines, Ebac Industrial Products specializes in providing pre-engineered dehumidification solutions for military, industrial, commercial and residential applications. The North American market segments are categorized in the following manner