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Hex Valve

3170 Wasson Road
Cincinnati, OH 45209
Phone: 800-543-7311
Fax: 513-871-0105

Hex Valve is an industry leader of instrument manifolds, orifice block valves, gauge valves, needle valves and block and bleed valves. Hex Valve is known for supplying high quality products, with quick deliveries, to the petrochemical, chemical, petroleum, pulp & paper, food processing and primary metal industries. Among the specialties of this product line is the readily available selection of exotic alloys such as Hastelloy, Monel, Alloy 20, Titanium and Zirconium, as well as the availability of products to meet the requirements of ANSI B31.1, ANSI B31.3 and NACE MR-01-75.