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We're Home Control, Georgia's premier installer of Automation and Security Solutions. You might ask what the difference is between a burglar alarm company, and a Systems integrator. For starters, you won't see most of our products installed by others in new construction. That is largely because, the majority of builders standardize on the most basic systems, at the lowest possible up front cost. They do this in order to have mass appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers. It's the right strategy when you're selling homes, but not when you're selling security. At Home Control, we don't sell an "alarm in a box". More Importantly, we engineer each of our systems; wire size, wire length, current draw, and battery size, to the specifics of your home. Finally, we integrate all of your home electronics such as whole house audio, infrared, X-10 lighting, video intercom and security to provide seamless operation. After all, what good is any system if you are not comfortable using it ? You see, we take the Control of your House seriously. We have to; protecting people and their property is our business.