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MORIN, A Kingspan Group Company

MORIN, A Kingspan Group Company

685 Middle Street (Corporate HQ and East Manufacturing)
Bristol, CT 06010
Phone: 860-584-0900
Fax: 860-582-7503
Toll-free: 800-640-9501

NEW: Digital Delivery Design Tool - MorinBIM Configurator

Morin Corporation specializes in roll forming of single skin metal cladding and roofs. With over six dozen profiles and three manufacturing locations, Morin is well positioned to produce for any size project.

The Morin story goes well beyond the panels. We thrive in helping customers bring their most challenging design ideas to life. Beyond panels we offer a complete suite of corners, coordinated louvers and fasteners, and custom extrusions for a complete look.

We have an on-site technical staff to help with drawings, design, cost saving ideas, and technical know-how for difficult projects. We offer on-site installation guidance from people with decades of experience.

We know we are just one part of many in a project, we want to make our part look its best and have all the tools available from design to installation for you.