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Taylor Metal Products

3796 Turner Road, S.E., P.O.Box 13999
Salem, OR 97302
Phone: 800.574.1388
Fax: 503.581.6877

Innovative Products Taylor Metal Products has developed a patented zero-siphoning lock system with concealed fasteners available on both the Easy Lock? standing seam and on our unique, horizontally applied Pacific Pattern?. We are constantly designing new approaches to our metal roofing product line and have recently added metal perforating equipment to provide ventilated soffit panels and ventilated ridge caps with concealed fasteners. This feature, plus the pre-slotted screw flange which allows for the expansion/contraction of the panel, provide a superior, complete roofing system. Quality Materials Even the best designed products become a poor choice if the material or machinery used for manufacturing is inferior. We have a reputation for using only superior materials, and our painted steel products are offered with premium paint warranties and G-90 hot-dipped galvanizing for a 50 year rust perforation warranty. Our rollform machinery is precision made for in-plant manufacturing to insure continuous quality control. Our attention to detail results in consistent high-quality roofing panels and flashings