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Quarrix Building Products

705 Pennsylvania Avenue S.
Minneapolis, MN 55426
Toll-free: 800-438-2920

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At Quarrix, we’re revolutionizing the way people roof. For years we’ve paved the way with innovations in attic ventilation, and our complete product lineup allows architects, contractors and homeowners to achieve balanced systems. With sleek, low-profile and easy-to-install products, we’re extending the lifespan and enhancing the look of roofs around the globe.

Additionally, our suite of composite roof tile – available in five stunning profiles and supported by a full line of accessories – creates striking silhouettes for structures of all shapes and sizes. Quarrix composite tiles are accompanied by Class 4 impact ratings, Class A fire ratings and are not susceptible to freeze/thaw issues. They’re not only lighter than clay or concrete tiles, but also more durable. The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) designations give environmentally-minded customers greater peace of mind as well. With these innovations, we’re fusing the art and science of roofing together to create a roof that’s traditionally beautiful and authentically Quarrix.

Made in the USA, Quarrix’s ventilation and tile products offer a host of environmentally-friendly benefits to customers – from thorough recycling and material reuse during the manufacturing stages to fuel and energy efficiency during shipping and distribution. Use the links above to read more about our green efforts and the Quarrix advantage.

Beautiful homes begin with beautiful roofs. Call 800-438-2920 or visit to start creating with Quarrix today.

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