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Established in 1922, TORK began manufacturing Electro-Mechanical Time Switches for the automatic control of lighting and electrical equipment. These products ranged from a simple ON/0FF at the same time everyday to different schedules each day of the week. Shortly thereafter, the company began producing photoelectric controls, which automatically turn on outdoor lighting when they "see" natural light diminish and turn off outdoor lighting at dawn. Advancing with the times, TORK introduced its first digital control in 1982. These units provide more sophistication and versatility. Their prime application is for energy conservation in commercial and industrial buildings, while maintaining maximum building comfort. Known as "the choice of professionals", TORK's spec grade energy controls have proved to be the #1 preference of Electrical Consultants. While TORK is proud to remain a major manufacturer of the aforementioned product lines, we have expanded our electronic products to include, occupancy sensors which detect the presence or absence of people in a storage room, lavatory, etc., and automatically turn lighting ON or OFF accordingly. These devices are perfect for those who forget to turn lights off when they leave an area. In 1989 TORK introduced a line of audible and visual signaling devices under the brand name TORK-Alert. These products, for commercial or industrial applications, include bells, horns, and warning lights.