Dylon Industries

7700 Clinton Road
Cleveland, OH 44144
Phone: 1-800-237-8246
Fax: 1-216-651-1300

DYLON is a pioneer in high temperature lubrication technology. Founded in 1967, DYLON focuses solely on the implementation and use of technology to meet the severe operating conditions found in modern industry today. DYLON pioneered many new and innovative products now used throughout the world, and is a leading provider of high temperature lubricants to all sections of commercial and manufacturing fields. Our forging lubricants for the ferrous and non-ferrous markets provide unequaled performance with or without graphite. Our specialty greases for gears, bearings, chains and cables give superior protection while being sensitive to the environment. The die casting release agents, ceramic adhesives and coatings, and graphitic mold release coatings are just some of the other technologies we provide