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Acoustics & Vibration
Working with Regupol America gets you much more than sound and vibration control products. With a German-engineered, American-made product that has been refined, tested and retested to deliver precision performance, it is all accomplished through the highest quality manufacturing standards and produced according to the strictest environmental requirements.

Sports & Fitness
Regupol sports and fitness surfaces fit into any game plan, always pushing the elements to provide the best results. By reinventing recycled rubber sports flooring, Regupol America keeps design innovation at the forefront of athletics.

Regupol America has installed over 1,000 tracks worldwide, all delivering champion performance, traction, and fitness. Made using the strictest quality and environmental standards, Regupol tracks stand up to the fastest and heaviest strides. Offered in three levels to suit any need – Regupol® AG, Regupol® PD, and Regupol® SB – Regupol tracks are built strong for track activities from high school training to international competition.

Turf Shock Pad
Regupol® Abzorb™, the invention that revolutionized the performance of synthetic turf fields, pairs perfectly with a well-constructed artificial turf product. It’s our proprietary process that makes Regupol a true contender, ensuring consistent shock absorption and toughness over the life of the field. Regupol Abzorb Shock Padding provides advanced cushioning, giving across the board performance for the rigorous demands of field sports.