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Syndesis Inc.

2908 Colorado Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90403-3616
Phone: 310-829-9932
Fax: 310-829-5641

Syndesis, Inc. is the single source supplier of its proprietary product, Syndecrete?, an innovative solid architectural surfacing material manufactured exclusively at the Syndesis, Inc. facility in Santa Monica, CA. A cement-based, pre-cast product, Syndecrete is more resistant to potential chipping or breakage than conventional concrete, tile or limestone, and can be worked with woodworking tools. Syndecrete? products include custom architectural elements (counter tops, table tops, floor and wall tile, fireplace surrounds, fountains, landscape elements, sinks, bathtubs and showers), as well as Synsory TM, a line of Syndecrete? accessories (bowls, vases, soap dishes, clocks, candle holders, picture frames, clocks, children's toys and office products).