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Riviera Brush Co. has since its inception been providing acid resistant brushes to the concrete industry. The initial focus and success was in the ready mix sector of this industry. Subsequently, the same level and commitment that was successful in the ready mix segment has been utilized to introduce these brushes into additional areas of the concrete industry including the decorative concrete finishing segment. Orange-Crete® brushes are a staple throughout the concrete industry and recognized for their construction, versatility and performance. Although widely used and popular in the industry, the Orange-Crete® brand has been overshadowed by its manufacturer, Riviera Brush Co.; sometimes leading to confusion in the marketplace. Our objective therefore is to create brand awareness for this product, its uses and its applications. This site is designed is to offer you the visitor, whether a contractor, ready mix concrete producer, decorative concrete contractor, distributor, entrepreneur or simply an interested party, an insight into this widely-used and amazing brush line that is still relatively unknown by name. It is our intent to provide you with enough information on the uses, qualities and applications of the Orange-Crete® brush line for you to understand why we refute the old myth that "A Brush is a Brush".