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Vexcon Chemicals, Inc.

7240 State Road
Philadelphia, PA 19135
Phone: 215-332-7709
Fax: 215-332-9997
Toll-free: 1-888-839-2661

Vexcon Chemicals, Inc., the only basic manufacturer of construction chemicals, is dedicated to the production of high performance VOC compliant chemicals for the widest range of applications meeting the needs of the construction industry. Vexcon has products meeting and exceeding specified standards for industrial, commercial, and residential applications from cure and seal products for concrete to specialized performance penetrating sealers, concrete sealers and treatments, flooring products and vertical waterproof coatings. The Vexcon product performance line is complimented with patching, self leveling and grouting products which fulfill the project requirements of the owner, architect/engineer and general contractor.