Hodge Mfg. Co.

201 Main Stree
Durham, MA 01107-1072
Phone: 860-349-8235
Fax: 800-782-5499
Toll-free: 800-243-3774

Hodge Manufacturing Company, Inc., has been a leader in the manufacture of non-powered material handling and steel equipment for over 50 years. To meet changing customer requirements, we have been improving our products and continually designing and developing new ones. We serve all industries, and all our customers, old and new, can count on Hodge for quality products and dependable service. Extensive manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts, Iowa and Arizona are entirely devoted to the manufacture of standard and customized, non-powered material handling and steel equipment. Our modern equipment is capable of cutting, bending, and welding up to 1/4^ thick, 10 foot long material, including structural channels, angles, rods and pipe. Hodge research and development, production and quality control personnel, work as an integrated team, guaranteeing product reliability and prompt delivery at a reasonable cost.