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Unicel, Inc.

P.O. Box 15203
Baton Rouge, LA 70895
Phone: 225-753-7129
Fax: 225-753-7125

UNICEL, Inc. is the manufacturer of a patented induced gas flotation (IGF) separator primarily for the removal of oil and grease and suspended solids from water and wastewater sources with over 150 installations worldwide in various industries. UNICEL also manufactures a complete line of products including horizontal induced gas flotation (IGF) units, horizontal and vertical skim vessels, combination vertical skim vessel/IGF units, vertical float filters, corrugated plate interceptors (CPI), pressurized downflow sandfilters, cartridge filter systems, diatomaceous earth (DE) filters, beltpress dewatering systems, and other custom equipment needed to solve water and wastewater treatment problems.