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Miller Edge

P.O. Box 159
West Grove, PA 19390
Phone: 610-869-4422
Fax: (610) 869-4423
Toll-free: 800-220-3343

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MillerEdge, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of the most positive emergency stopping devices available for motor-driven doors and gates.  We also manufacture a full line of safe guarding products for perimeter, area and machine guarding.

  • Ice Rink
  • Balloon Grille
  • Hangar Door

It is the policy of MillerEdge, Inc. to supply quality products that conform exactly to all established requirements and the reasonable expectations of its customers.  Our customers are our focal point and customer satisfaction is our driving force.  We are further committed to a company-wide program for continuous quality improvement.

This philosophy gives us the basis to provide excellent service and convenience for our customers.