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Mortar Net Solutions is the industry leader in moisture management solutions for all types of masonry walls, including cavity, single-wythe concrete masonry unit (CMU) and adhered masonry walls. For example, over 100 million feet of the MortarNet mortar dropping collector have been installed without a single wall failure, and TotalFlash is specified in over 1,500 projects with over 1 million feet sold.

Building specialists on staff are happy to help designers solve masonry wall design problems, even if Mortar Net Solutions products aren’t part of the design, and the company provides free materials for pre-construction demonstration walls. Free bidding, installation and design services are available to contractors to help make sure the designer’s vision is realized and every Mortar Net Solutions product installation goes smoothly.

The company’s products are familiar to contractors and are available at a network of over 400 distributors throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. Every Mortar Net Solutions product is designed to help keep walls dry and trouble-free, to be fast and easy to install, and to help designers and contractors create buildings they can be proud of for a lifetime.

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