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Our formula for success is based on customer service and National Gypsum's quest to provide products meeting its customers highest standards. To do this, the company has created the most advanced customer service organization in the industry, updated plants and built modern manufacturing facilities, applied advanced technology to improve product quality, and put increased emphasis on innovation. National Gypsum's 2,700 associates have years of experience in the production of gypsum and related products, cement backerboard underlayment, wall and ceiling system designs, and in servicing design professionals and the construction industry.

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The company is a fully integrated building products manufacturer and one of the world's leading gypsum wallboard producers. Placed end to end, the company's annual wallboard production would travel around the earth 14 times. National Gypsum also offers a full line of interior finishing products, including joint compounds, tape, and plasters. Its growing cement board product line has a strong customer base in the United States and several other countries.

  • National Gypsum

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, the company has 31 manufacturing locations serving major metropolitan centers, as well as eight mines and quarries and research and testing facilities in Charlotte and Buffalo, NY. The Buffalo facility provides full-scale fire, structural and acoustical testing for dozens of companies around the world.

eXP Sheathing is a moisture and mold resistant gypsum board designed for curtainwall and soffit framing as a water resistant underlayment for various exterior materials. eXP Sheathing is manufactured with an enhanced moisture and mold resistant core and facer. The facer is composed of a coated fiberglass mat which provides superior weather resistant capabilities. It is produced in 1/2” and 5/8” thicknesses, 4’ wide in 8’, 9’ and 10’ lengths. eXP Sheathing is light-weight, scores and cuts easily, and is specially coated on the front, back and sides for easy handling.

Basic Uses

eXP Sheathing can be used in both wood and metal stud construction to provide fire resistance, weather protection and to add to structural strength. eXP Sheathing can be used as a substrate for various air and water resistive barriers including building wraps, self-adhesive membranes and liquid applied coatings. It can be used as a component in curtainwall or Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS), and under various exterior finishes such as metal, vinyl, wood or fiber-cement siding; brick/stone veneer, or conventional stucco. The 5/8” eXP Fire-Shield® Type X gypsum panel can be utilized for exterior fire-rated wall and soffit assemblies.