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2401 Corporate Blvd.
BrooksVille, FL 34604
Phone: 352-754-8555
Toll-free: 877-258-6448

Alumi-Guard was established in 2000. Located in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Brooksville, Florida, Alumi-Guard has become a leading manufacturer in the aluminum fence and rail industry. For over a decade, Alumi-Guard has established itself as an innovator in quality and design; providing a large selection of maintenance-free fence, railing, and gates that are manufactured to withstand some of the harshest conditions. Alumi-Guard's product line is available in all fifty states and Canada.

  • AG Premier
  • AG Ascot
  • AG Canterbury

In 2010 Alumi-Guard's powder coating process was certified Axalta Platinum in AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605, making us one of only a few powder coaters in the United States to receive this coveted honor. This is the highest level of certification available to architectural applicators.

Alumi-Guard makes every effort to concentrate our business with domestic companies. As a domestic manufacturer, we're proud to say that everything we produce - including all panels, posts, and gates - are made right here at home. When you choose Alumi-Guard, you're choosing an American company that manufactures quality, American made products.

  • Louver
  • AG Security
  • AG Walkgate

In addition to an expansive line of products, Alumi-Guard offers professional Custom Design Services. Products include radius, convex/concave, and transitional panels as well as custom picket spacing, colors, channels, and heights. Unique gate designs, personalized gate adornments, and creative fence designs are also available.

As an environmentally aware company, Alumi-Guard takes great pride in our facility’s recycling efforts. Alumi-Guard recycles 100% of all aluminum, paper and plastic scrap. We recycle 90% of evaporate coolant water and sell 99% of our reclaimed powder from our powder coating line to local businesses, resulting in a 1% waste factor.