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VACUUBRAND’s VACUU·LAN® local vacuum network technology offers a cost-effective, adaptable alternative to central vacuum systems in science, education, and research facilities. These modular systems provide sustainable, reliable vacuum that is more stable and deeper than a central system can provide. Installation is fast and simple, and the approach is suitable for new construction or renovations.

VACUUBRAND’s technical staff works with project teams, from lab programming through start-up and owner training, to help define and deliver vacuum that advances scientific needs along with other project objectives and budgets.

VACUU·LAN networks have developed a world-wide following for a number of reasons:

Scientists prefer the deep, reliable vacuum that minimizes interference among users. Whisper-quiet pumps installed in lab casework free up bench space and reduce background noise in the lab by eliminating the need for many benchtop vacuum pumps.

Architects, Engineers, and Lab Planners value the contribution to LEED goals of right-sizing and energy efficiency achieved by eliminating a building-wide utility that operates 24/7 despite variable demand. The scalability of the technology from a single bench to an entire building makes VACUU·LAN vacuum networks a versatile solution.

Owners prefer this economical, low-maintenance approach to lab vacuum because upfront capital costs can be reduced, and the quick installation helps keep projects on schedule. Modular installation also means that the utility can adapt as needs change over time. On-demand production of vacuum reduces energy use and maintenance requirements, producing lifetime operating savings that complement capital cost efficiencies.

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