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Centor Architectural

1206 Nagel Blvd.
Batavia, IL 60510
Phone: 630-957-1000
Fax: 630-957-1001
Toll-free: 866-255-0008

The world is beautiful. And at Centor, we believe in connecting people to the beautiful world outside.

For over 63 years, Centor has been a multi-award winning designer and manufacturer of innovative window and door hardware and screen systems.

With the growing popularity of indoor/outdoor living and large openings in homes, Centor realized that homeowners had to compromise when it came to controlling large door openings. In the past large openings needed to be fitted with awkward screens and shades that get added as an afterthought. To help people better connect with the beauty of the world outside, Centor has created a brand new category of doors – Centor Integrated Doors.

A stunning new range of doors that allow people to create true inside/outside living without the compromises.

Screens and shades built into the doorframe vanish when not in use. Giving the homeowner optimal control of living environments at all times of day, any time of year.

Instantly control privacy, natural airflow, insects and sunlight with fingertip ease. Centor Integrated Doors. Engineered for beauty and control. Connect to the beautiful world outside.


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