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Flannery, Inc.

300 Parkside Drive
San Fernando, CA 91340
Phone: 818-837-7585
Fax: 818-837-1155

Since our beginning in 1975, Flannery has always tried to be innovative with the types of trims and products that it has offered to the drywall and plaster contractor. This innovation has seen the development of Fast Mask, Weeping-Reveals and most recently the Comp Clip. We have never stood around or played “catch-up” to our industry’s needs or trends.

For this reason, Flannery now offers a number of new trims and products that go beyond the drywall and plaster industries. Browsing our website and product catalog, you will find details for our Cement Panel Trims as well as our Wood Panel Trims. In addition to our new panel trims, we also offer custom brake shape trims, which can be manufactured in a variety of metals to suit whatever situation a particular project may have.

While we continue to grow our product offering, we still maintain the most expansive line of Aluminum Trims for Gypsum and Plaster wall systems. There is one ideal that Flannery has always held onto since the very beginning and that ideal was to “Give the Very Best Service” to our customers.


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