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3M™ VHB™ Structural Glazing and Architectural Panel Tapes are durable, high performance two-sided pressure sensitive acrylic foam tapes for the structural glazing of glass or metal panels into curtain wall, commercial window or door systems, and for the fabrication and attachment of architectural panel systems. These tapes offer significant value to curtain wall, commercial window and door system manufacturers, architectural panel system manufactures, contractors, and installers. These benefits include:

  • Invisible attachment of architectural panels (metal, composites, glass, phenolic, and plastics)
  • Ease of application with tape based bonding system as compared to wet glazed or mechanically attached systems
  • Immediate handling strength after bonding of substrates resulting in increased throughput and quicker delivery, installation, and occupancy
  • No 2-part pumps or associated equipment maintenance with liquid applied structural glazing sealants
  • No warehouse space requirements for the curing of bonded units
  • Less than 5% adhesive waste factor
  • Durability and proven performance in thousands of structural glazing and architectural panel applications around the world since 1980
  • LEED Credit for Low VOC emitting adhesive
  • Application warranty available for approved projects

3M™ Self-Adhered Air and Vapor Barrier Membrane 3015 is an air, moisture, and water impermeable membrane with an aggressive, high-tack acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive that does not require the use of a primer on most construction surfaces.

3M™ Spray-Applied Air Barrier Membrane 2085VP is a single component, polyether-based, water vapor permeable, air barrier membrane that dries fast, sticks to damp surfaces, and can be applied at temperatures as low as 25˚ F (-4˚ C).

3M Architectural Markets marries design with 3M innovation & technology, offering an award-winning portfolio of architectural and glass surface finishes and lighting products for architects and interior designers.