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Azon is the global leader in developing intelligent technology for the manufacture of thermal barrier aluminum fenestration, commonly referred to as the pour and debridge method. Conserving energy resources to meet ever-increasing stringent energy codes, while reducing greenhouse gases, is possible in commercial buildings when windows are produced with Azon structural thermal barrier technologies in the framing assembly. Windows let a lot of daylight into the building and more natural light is better to enhance the indoor environmental quality especially in healthcare settings, education and overall occupant well being.

Azon is an important partner with a growing number of aluminum extruders and window manufacturers in the Americas and worldwide. Optimizing the energy efficiency and condensation resistance of daylighting systems while reducing thermal transfer helps to cut down the building’s energy consumption. Aluminum windows with structural polyurethane pour and debridge-type thermal barriers further boost improvements to the composite strength of the framing to resist strains, forces and catastrophic impacts. Azon technologies prove to be a vital step toward achieving sustainability in energy-efficient buildings and ensuring healthy surroundings for building inhabitants, including improvement to the overall U-factor and a higher CRF (Condensation Resistance Factor). Early in its life Azon summed up its mission in three words “Azon Saves Energy” demonstrating real-world applications to highlight the performance of the fenestration system. Construction professionals who are interested in learning more about thermal barrier technology for aluminum framing are welcome to visit our web site and view our case study material.