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Composite Panel Association

Composite Panel Association

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The Composite Panel Association (CPA), founded in 1960, is the trade association representing North American wood-based composite panels and decorative surfaces. Decorative surfaces made with composite wood-based panels have a compelling environmental story. Composite panels composed of recycled/recovered wood fiber make an excellent carbon store, increase the utilization of the tree (95% net) and support LEED® credits. These decorative panels are routinely specified in a wide array of residential, commercial, retail, healthcare, hospitality, home organization, and institutional applications. Composite panels that carry the Eco-Certified Composite (ECC) certification and sustainability mark meet stringent environmental requirements.


Decorative Surfaces

  • TFL - Thermally Fused Laminate
  • HPL – High Pressure Laminate
  • 3DL – Three Dimensional Laminate
  • Decorative Papers & Foils
  • Liquid and Powder Coatings
  • Veneer

Composite Panels

  • MDF
  • Particleboard
  • Hardboard
  • Engineered Wood Siding & Trim

Outreach and education are areas of focus for the CPA. The Association publishes an annual buyer's guide, continuing education units, and industry performance data, produces a series of technical bulletins, and develops publications to inform key audiences about the attributes of industry products.

As an accredited standards developer, CPA writes and publishes industry product standards. It also participates in the standards development work of ANSI, ASTM, and others, sponsors product acceptance activities, and works with government agencies and model building code bodies.

Independent third party testing, certification, and auditing services are available through CPA's International Testing and Certification Center (ITCC). The ITCC is accredited through the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) while auditing (inspection) programs are conducted through ANAB. CPA’s certification programs are accredited through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

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