Hanes Geo Components

815 Buxton Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101
Phone: 888-239-4539
Fax: 336-747-1675

Hanes Geo Components is an industry-leading supplier of erosion and sediment control products as well as geosynthetics. With more than 30 large stocking locations, we serve contractors, engineers and distributors in the United States and Canada. We deliver erosion control blankets, turf reinforcement mats, hydromulch and many other products, often with our own fleet of trucks. Hanes Geo Components manufactures several E & SC products, including ScourStop® transition mats, Inlet Pro® sediment bags, and TerraTex® dewatering bags. We make and distribute a variety of silt fences: pre-staked, wire-back, logo-printed, DOT, “super silt fence,” lathe, pocketed, etc. Our TerraTex geotextiles comply with public and private specifications. Our TerraGrid® aggregate confinement geogrids are valuable to the engineering firm, design-build construction company, public agency and developer.