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ChargePoint, Inc.

254 East Hacienda Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008
Phone: 408-841-4500
Toll-free: 866-480-2936

As the world’s largest and most open EV charging network, ChargePoint brings electric vehicle charging to more people and places than ever before. We design, build and support all the technology powering the network, from charging station hardware to energy management software solutions to a world-class mobile app. By making it easy for more people to choose to drive electric, our work is transforming transportation and helping plot a course toward more sustainable energy use.

Our charging stations, mobile app and network make it easy to charge EVs anywhere. Our energy management solutions help people and businesses make the shift away from fossil fuels and manage growing demand for EV charging. Our work with multiple stakeholders, including automakers and other leading companies, paves the way for even more widespread EV adoption.

Every day we add more drivers and organizations to our network, which means driving an EV makes even more sense. And that’s what we’re all about: driving a better way™.

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