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Fortifiber Building Systems Group

300 Industrial Drive
Fernley, NV 89408
Phone: 800-773-4777
Fax: 775-333-6411

The Fortifiber Building Systems Group manufactures the most comprehensive and customizable moisture control systems available. Fortifiber products include Flashings, Weather–Resistive Barriers and Sealant. When integrated together, they form a fail-safe system that protects buildings and those who create them from damaging moisture intrusion and costly call backs. These products are based on sound building science principles and designs proven in the real world. Importantly, Fortifiber backs this moisture control system with the best warranty in the industry, covering both materials and labor for 15 years.

Fortifiber offers solutions engineered for the rigors of commercial buildings, the complexity of custom home construction and the value requirements of production builders. In many applications, the Fortifiber system can also increase building durability and reduce energy requirements. With more than seventy-five years of proven performance, technical expertise and practical know-how, Fortifiber has become a trusted partner to architects, specifiers, builders, and code officials.

Mix and match products for the system that meets your unique needs.

Weather-Resistive Barriers:
Jumbo Tex® Grade “D” Building Papers
WeatherSmart® Housewrap
WeatherSmart® Drainable Housewrap
WeatherSmart® Commercial Housewrap
HydroTex® Two Ply Drainable Weather-Resistive Barrier

FortiFlash® Waterproof Flashing Membrane
FortiFlash® Butyl Waterproof Flashing Membrane
FortiFlash® 365
Moistop E-Z Seal® Flashing
Moistop neXT® Flashing
Moistop PF® Flashing

Moistop® Sealant and Liquid Flashing

Fortifiber. The elements don’t stand a chance.

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