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While a Health Department code may prescribe air curtains, the real mandate comes from patrons, staff and compelling needs to reduce energy consumption and cut costly energy spends for greener facilities. For over 50 years, Mars Air Systems has been the international leader in air curtains that contribute to building management ventilation solutions. Using Mars air curtains above customer/staff entry doors, pass-thru windows and back receiving or dock doors becomes a quiet sentry to prevent costly climatized air from escaping while protecting interiors from uninvited airborne contaminants like flying pests, dirt, dust and debris. Mars air curtains bolster the sanitation protocols in foodservice, precision manufacturing and industrial environments with an extensive catalogue of air curtains fitting a range of individual applications, including expansive warehouse doors and cold storage protection. And creating a pest-free and debris-free space with evenly distributed conditioned air does more than give the impression of clean, it’s actually a building block to designing a truly hygienic venue. If you need a recessed unit to blend seamlessly in a well-defined décor vision, must provide vigorous defense for products in cold storage, or need to specify units that help manage the effects of blustery cold wind or stifling hot weather, Mars is the choice of top brands with industry-leading tools and services to streamline the specification process for architects, engineers and consultants.

  • Commercial-Industrial Hybrid for Energy Savings
    Commercial-Industrial Hybrid
    for Energy Savings
  • Low-Profile for High End Retail & FS
    Low-Profile for High End Retail & FS
  • Wide commercial & industrial applications
    Wide Commercial & Industrial Applications
  • ETL Sanitation & Pass-Thru Window Units
    ETL Sanitation & Pass-Thru Window Units
  • Adaptable to Vertical Installations
    Adaptable to Vertical Installations
  • Low-Profile Industrial Units
    Low-Profile Industrial Units