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Silca System

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Silca System was introduced to the outdoor living market in 2007 and is becoming the product of choice for stone decks, paver overlays, and porcelain decks. The Silca System grate is made of recycled engineered polymer and is I.C.C. certified. It is 16” X 18” x 1 ½” thick and is manufactured in the USA.

Silca System grates enable you to install pavers, natural stone, or brick pavers on wood or metal floor joists instead of wood, composite, or PVC flooring. The Silca grate is screwed directly to the top of the deck’s floor joists and its strong hexagonal cells provide a structural support for stone or pavers.

Silca System can be used for application on top of deck framing, on pedestals for rooftop applications, or to provide stabilization to prevent sinking or heaving of stone or pavers for ground application. Silca grates have been used for raised deck surfaces, foot bridges, walkways, balconies, porches, gazebos, second story decks, and rooftop patios

Using Silca System enables you to use your creativity to apply various sizes, textures, and colors of stone or pavers in your outdoor living area design. You no longer need to be restricted by standard size paver options or a few styles and colors of composite decking.

Outdoor living is growing in popularity and homeowners and builders are interested in durable, low-maintenance solutions for their outdoor recreational spaces. With Silca System you can offer an alternative to standard deck surfaces to enhance your design for your customer.

  • Silca System
  • Silca System
  • Silca System
  • Silca System
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