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AFTEC, LLC (Advance Forming Technologies, LLC)

4730 S. Riverside Dr., Suite C
Salt Lake City, UT 84123
Phone: 801-281-2262
Fax: 801-281-2272
Toll-free: 866-370-3676

AFTEC is an international company, operating with full-service nationally, designing, manufacturing and installing precast concrete security and sound walls.

AFTEC offers two types of noise attenuation and security walls:

The StoneTree® System casts the column and panel together creating single wall sections with formed texture on both sides. StoneTree® Walls are constructed using structural steel supports embedded in caisson footings 15ft. or less on center. The structural supports extend above the top of the caisson to receive the groove on the column end of the wall section, which also interlocks with the adjoining panel. This provides for a fast and safe installation process. Once the wall in installed, a colored concrete sealer can be applied to protect and provide a decorative finish. StoneTree® Walls are available in heights up to 16ft.

The SoundTec™ Wall System is constructed with stacked panels supported by either steel or concrete H columns and can be designed to whatever desired height is required. SoundTec™ Walls can have either reflective or absorptive noise attenuation properties, and are available in a variety of textures. The panels can be produced with formed textures on one or both sides. The SoundTec™ Wall System can be designed to meet each state’s DOT requirements.

All AFTEC walls are engineered to meet jobsite requirements for wind, soil and seismic factors. AFTEC manufactures all forming systems for both the StoneTree® and SoundTec™ product lines.

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